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A Dozen Playgrounds

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In Collaboration With:
Jen Maigret, former partner of MAde Studio
Sponsored By:
Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Research on the City
Main Collaborator:
R. Charles Dersheimer, Clinical Assistant Professor; U-M Director, W. K. Kellogg Foundation Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowships
Research Assistants and Designers:
Maria Capota, Leigh Davis, Caileigh MacKellar, Justin Meyer, Catherine Truong, Andrew Wolking
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Assistants:
Jordy Tin, Alison Verge
December 2011 – November 2012
2013 Michigan AIA Honor Award, Unbuilt Category

Playground Matrix
Link to PlayMatrix .pdf

Detroit Elementary School Timeline
Link to Detroit Elementary Schools Timeline .pdf

Playgrounds are microcosms of complex land politics and civic aspirations. Simultaneously loci for exuberant imagination and measured control, the location, design and construction of playgrounds are powerful place-making tools.

A DOZEN PLAYGROUNDS speculatively recuperates playgrounds as spaces for children, central to the living fabric of the city of Detroit, Michigan. Through the development of design strategies that balance prototypical desires with site specificity, this project takes a polycentric, interstitial approach towards Detroit’s network of communities and potential play spaces. Building on the tradition of a neighborhood-centric approach to learning and playing, the project recognizes the importance of Detroit’s K-6 schools as sites where the city’s ambitions for education, community, and citizenship share common ground.

“A beautifully visioned series of places for children each with its unique expression and each conceived as a sculptural whole.
-2013 AIA Michigan Honor Awards Jury”