MAde Studio

Water + Sheds

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In Collaboration With:
Jen Maigret, former partner of MAde Studio
Sponsored By: 
Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Research through Making ($20,000)
Research Assistants: 
Christopher Canna, Amy Carlevaris-Bianco, Catherine Baldwin, Heain Shin, Kayla Lim, Sen Liu, with Catherine Truong, Brittany Gascy
January 2010- January 2011

This work represents a sampling from an atlas produced in order to advocate to legislators, policy makers and the public, for design to become an integral component of improving the patterns and materials of practices of urbanism through the lens of water. The research undertaken through WATER+SHEDS brings intensive GIS analytical work together with visual representation techniques in order to reveal the complexities of the contemporary constructed environment and its influence on water quality throughout the Great Lakes Basin. This work establishes a design research agenda for all of the projects that follow.