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MAde Studio, LLC (Maigret Arquero design Studio) is a research-based design practice focused on the development of environmentally and culturally sound architecture and urban design practices. MAde was initiated as a trans-disciplinary, collaborative practice that offers expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning. MAde has garnered recognition with an ACSA Faculty Design Award (Liquid Planning Detroit) for the development of design proposals that contribute to innovations in green infrastructure in Detroit and three AIA Michigan Design Awards for Liquid Planning Detroit (2014), A Dozen Playgrounds (2013)and Eastside Recreation Center (2013). In 2014, MAde Studio was invited to speak as the Michael Owen Jones Memorial Lecturers at the University of Virginia that coincided with the Intention and Improvisation Symposium, a day long symposium bringing together architects, researchers, and practitioners studying four aspects of contemporary practice and the role of architectural improvisation.

Jen Maigret

Jen Maigret’s education and professional experience within the field of biology and architecture that inform her approach to designing architecture as a component of broader environmental and cultural systems. Her design interests engage the generative potential of complex, environmental systems related to the material, cultural and formal expression of architecture. Maigret is a licensed architect in the State of Michigan and holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Art in Biology from Hartwick College. Maigret currently holds a position as an Associate Professor of Architecture at Taubman College at the University of Michigan where she teaches design studios, sustainable systems and co-teaches an interdisciplinary seminar that bridges GIS, digital modeling and visualization techniques toward new models of architectural and regional planning practices that foster relationships between environmental processes and the design of the built environment.
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Maria Arquero

Maria Arquero de Alarcón brings to this partnership her experience in professional practice both through interdisciplinary collaborations and as an independent consultant in international settings in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Her expertise focuses on the role of visual representation as a mode of inquiry and spatial thinking, a platform to enable design synthesis across geographies, scales and disciplinary cultures. Arquero de Alarcón holds degrees in Architecture, from the E.T.S.A.M., Polytechnic University, a Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture from the E.T.H. Zurich, and a Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design from the G.S.D., Harvard University. Arquero de Alarcón is currently an Associate Professor in Architecture and Urban Planning and Design at Taubman College, the University of Michigan. She has been a visiting professor in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and has taught and lectured at Boston Architectural College, Dalhousie University, GSD Harvard University, Universidad de Talca, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Rio de Janeiro.
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Dan Glick-Unterman
Alison Verge
Andrew Wolking
Masataka Yoshikawa
Robert Yuen
Wen Zhong
Dinghao Zhou

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MAde in… Michigan
Maria Arquero de Alarcon has been promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (with tenure) at the University of Michigan.

MAde in… Michigan
Jen Maigret has been promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (with tenure) at the University of Michigan.

Urban Natures | Cultivar Thesis03.2016
MAde in… Xochimilco, Mexico City
Maria Arquero de Alarcon and Jen Maigret traveled to Mexico City with 19 students from two Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning courses (Arch 506_Urban Natures and Arch 662_Cultivar).

University of Toronto | John H. Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture and Design12.2015
MAde in… Toronto
Maria Arquero de Alarcon and Jen Maigret participated as design critics on reviews at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture and Design (as guests for a studio co-taught by Jane Wolff and Andrea Mantin).

Detroit East Riverfront11.2015
MAde in… Detroit
MAde Studio (in collaboration with Utile, HR&A, City Form Detroit, and Nelson Nygaard) is one of 7 teams shortlisted for Detroit East Riverfront Framework.

Detroit East Riverfront11.2015
MAde in… Grand Rapids
MAde Studio presents design work at Kendall College of Art & Design’s Career Symposium.

New Mobility Magazine | Accessible Public Spaces03.2015
MAde in… New Mobility Magazine
MAde Studio’s Liquid Planning Detroit is one of five projects featured in Steve Wright’s article “Accessible Public Spaces,” published in this month’s (March 2015) issue of New Mobility Magazine.

University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design | Church Lecture Series02.2015
MAde in… Knoxville
to deliver “Playing Lines” as part of the Church Lecture Series at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design.

Architecture League of New York | 5K Pound Life: Water02.2015
MAde in… New York
as participants in the Architecture League of New York’s “5K Pound Life: Water” symposium.

Green Building & Design | Jan/Feb 201501.2015
MAde in… Green Building & Design
as guest editors and featured in UPFront, MAde Studio for Playful Horizons and Liquid Planning Detroit.

East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned Exhibition Opening11.14.2014
MAde in… East Lansing, MI
to participate in the opening of the East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned Exhibition at the Broad Museum.

Approaching the Edge: Reconsidering the Littoral Great Lakes11.05.2014
MAde in… Buffalo, NY
to participate in the University of Buffalo’s symposium “Approaching the Edge: Reconsidering the Littoral Great Lakes” organized by Sean Burkholder (University of Buffalo) and Karen Lutsky (the Ohio State University).

From the Studio to the Street10.24.2014
MAde in… Cleveland, OH
is pre-selected to participate in an ideas competition and develop a proposal for a public art installation as part of a workshop “From the Studio to the Street” organized by LAND Studio.

MAde in… Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
to present recent work surrounding issues of water, urbanism and design. CityAge is a platform for ideas and business development, designed to enable new partnerships among the business, government and societal leaders who are shaping the 21st Century.

Architect Magazine Next Progressives07.2014
MAde in… Architect Magazine
MAde Studio is honored to be featured in the July issue of Architect Magazine in the Next Progressives series. To read the full article, “Watershed Design”, click on the thumbnail to the left.

AIA Michigan Honor Award06.2014
MAde in… Detroit
MAde’s project, “Liquid Planning Detroit”, has been awarded a 2014 AIA Michigan Honor Award in the Unbuilt Category. The design awards will be presented on Saturday, June 7 at the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum in East Lansing, Michigan.

Intention and Improvisation04.18-19.2014
MAde in… Charlottesville, VA
to give the Michael Owen Jones Memorial lecture and participate in the Intention and Improvisation Symposium: A 2nd Demonstration of the Practical Imagination

University of Toronto Reviews04.2014
MAde in… Toronto, Ontario, Canada
to participate in winter reviews at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

liquid planning award01.2014
MAde in… Boston, Massachusetts
to receive a BSA (Boston Society of Architects) Design citation… in the Unbuilt Category for Liquid Planning Detroit

Collegeville Re-Envisioned12.2013
MAde in… East Lansing, Michigan
to participate in a public lecture at the Broad Museum as participants in the East Lansing 2030: Collegeville Re-Envisioned program, along with collaborators Craig Borum (PLY Architecture) and David Bieri (Political Space Economy Lab)

MAde in… Research On the City Exhibit at the Liberty Research Annex
In its second year, Research on the City is a competitive faculty research grant program, intended to foster interdisciplinary research on urban topics. MAde studio collaborated with Lorelle A. Meadows, College of Engineering and Richard Norton, Urban and Regional Planning on “Great Lakes Cities on the Shore: Modeling and Representing Complex Shoreline Dynamics for Policy Making” which can be seen under “Dynamic Natures” in Portfolio.

MAde in… Michigan Journal of Sustainability
MAde’s article “Liquid Planning: Water as a Lens Toward Sustainability” has been published in the inaugural edition of the peer-reviewed, Michigan Journal of Sustainability. The article can be accessed at:

MAde in… Torch Lake, Michigan
MAde presented “A Dozen Playgrounds” as part of the AIA Michigan Annual 2013 Design Retreat.

acsa101_new109.25.2013 – 09.27.2013
MAde in… Buenos Aires, Argentina
MAde participates in the SAP Symposium hosted by the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennale and Revista PLOT.

MAde in… Michigan, USA
MAde awarded a Michigan AIA Unbuilt Award for “A Dozen Playgrounds.”

MAde in… Michigan, USA
MAde and PLY architecture awarded a Michigan AIA Unbuilt Award for
“Eastside Recreation Center.”

MAde in… Quito, Ecuador
MAde is participating in the 2013 “International Think Tank: Yachay city of Knowledge”, in Quito, Ecuador.

MAde in… Santiago, Chile
Maria Arquero is appointed as a visiting professor for a one month workshop at the Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Arquitectura.

MAde in… Athens, Georgia
MAde leads a workshop at the 2013 LABash at the University of Georgia.

acsa101_new103.21.2013 – 03.24.2013
MAde in… San Francisco, USA
Awarded 2012 – 2013 ACSA Faculty Design Award for “Liquid Planning Detroit.”

acsa101_new103.21.2013 – 03.24.2013
MAde in… San Francisco, USA
to present WATER DRIVES THE MOTOR CITY in the Infrastructural and Ecological Urbanisms session moderated by Julia Czerniak at the 101th ACSA Annual Meeting, NEW CONSTELLATIONS / NEW ECOLOGIES

liquid planning award12.14.2012
MAde awarded… 2012-2013 ACSA Faculty Design Award for Liquid Planning Detroit

MAde in… Cincinnati, USA for the 53rd ACSP Annual Meeting

MAde in… Santiago, Chile
Maria Arquero leads workshop on methods and practices of data to design through GIS at the Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Arquitectura

MAde in… New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Jen Maigret participates on thesis reviews at Tulane University

MAde awarded… 2012 “Sustainability and the HOPE Village Initiative” Grant sponsored by the Graham Institue in partnership with Focus: HOPE for Play&grounds

acsp03.01.2012 – 03.03.2012
MAde in… Boston, USA
to present Other Urbanisms: A Scalar Approach Towards Pervious Design in the “Urbansim” session moderated by Tim Love at the 100th ACSA Annual Meeting, Digital Aptitudes

MAde awarded… 2012 “Research on the City: Detroit” Faculty Research Grant sponsored by Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning for A Dozen Playgrounds submission awarded to collaborators Maria Arquero, Jen Maigret and R. Charles Dershimer

MAde in… Boston, USA
Maria Arquero presents talk on methods and practices of data to design through GIS at the Geographic Representation NOW colloquium at Harvard GSD.

acsp03.30.2011 – 04.02.2011
MAde in… Zurich, Switzerland
to present Liquid Matters at the 48th IFLA World Congress, Scales of Nature

acsp03.30.2011 – 04.02.2011
MAde in… Los Angeles, USA
to present Liquid Planning and Watershed at the 2011 Annual CELA Conference, Urban Nature

acsp03.03.2011 – 03.06.2011
MAde in… Montreal, Canada
to present Water, Water Everywhere at the 99th Annual ACSA Meeting, Where Do You Stand?

acsp02.20.2011 – 03.06.2011
MAde in… Mexico City, Mexico
with Physical Planning Capstone and Architecture Design Studio

MAde awarded… 2011 Detroit Sustainability Indicators Project Grant sponsored by the University of Michigan Graham Institute for Liquid Planning: Detroit
submission awarded to collaborators Maria Arquero, Jen Maigret and Nicole Scholtz

MAde awarded… 2010 Research Through Making Grant for Water+sheds
juried by Ned Cramer, Karen Fairbanks, Joe Rossa

acsp02.27.2010 – 03.08.2010
MAde in… Reykjavik, Iceland
with Undergraduate Architecture Wallenberg Studio, Phase Change


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