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Gaoyou Yan River Revitalization

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In Collaboration With:
Jen Maigret, former partner of MAde Studio
City of Gaoyou, Pre-Qualified Invitation for River Revitalization Competition
Craig Borum, Principal (PLY Architecture)
Design Team:
Shuqi He, Maggie Shao, Andrew Wolking, Dinghao Zhou
May 2014- June 2014

Activated 激活
The design responds flexibly to accommodate the needs of a diverse population that is growing quickly and demands expanded recreational opportunities. The proposal builds on the fast transformation of the economies and ecologies of the canal system to offer a range of cultural and recreational experiences. The integration of constructed grounds, emerging performative landscapes, bridges and towers make the riverfront an active all-day destination.
Connected 连接
Improved access and connectivity along the waterfront are prioritized through a robust system of pedestrian bridges, walking and bicycling paths and greenways. The edge of the canal softens in places to re-connect the river with a developing water landscape that includes remediation plantings, wet forests and garden rooms. Water connects with civic spaces through a “wet” amphitheater, canoe and kayak launching docks, swimming pools and marinas located along the length of the project.
Visible 视野
Pedestrian bridges and towers are vantage points that allow multiple readings of the landscapes along the canal system. Different landscape components actively filter and clean water, while boardwalks and garden rooms within the system enable the close observation of natural processes. Urban “windows” through the emergent forest patches frame views into the park from adjacent residential neighborhoods, and public plazas and amphitheaters merge the life of the river together with cultural vibrancy and performance arts.